With all the thousands of rehab options available nationwide, it can become daunting to select the most beneficial type of rehabilitation that is right for you.  This is a crucial choice as this can mean the difference between success or failure with recovery.

Our company consists of only experienced addiction specialists with decades of experience in addiction and rehab facilities.  You will speak with one when you call.  It is their passion to determine with you what your needs are and assist with determining the optimal type of treatment you are looking for.  Our mission is to deliver you or your loved one back to sanity that only comes from sobriety.  We are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you.  We are but a phone call away.

We will assist you in determining what your insurance benefits provide for you and even assist you in obtaining insurance in the event that you are not covered.  We also negotiate on your behalf to make out of pocket expenses fall to their minimum without your worry that you can’t afford to get help. 



Our Story


Pure Path Wellness is an addiction, rehab and referral placement service based out of Georgia. We completely understand the overwhelming issues involving addiction and the difficult decisions that must be made relating to substance abuse. We are here to help you or your loved one become aware and take the first step to recovering from addiction by guiding you through the options available to you with regards to addiction and rehab facilities.


Our Values

At Pure Path Wellness, we do not charge you for our time or advice.  You are not obligated to take or refuse our guidance.  You will never find an obligation to us and your confidence is respected and protected.  Without spending hours doing your own research, we will provide you concise information and cut the decision making process to the fewest steps based on facts that we can provide.  Our recommendation will enable you to see the options you qualify for that will be customized to your unique situation, including geographic, legal, and financial restraints.  In short the seemingly chaotic issue you feel you are stuck in will become a simple choice with a peaceful mindset

Our Guarantee 


We’re here to make the recovery process not only successful, but as easy for you as possible. And our national network of facilities allows us to get you started quickly as well.
Time to face drug or alcohol dependence? Time to get and stay healthy? Pure Path Wellness can help you get it done. Our treatment specialists can give you an assessment today and start working on options designed to get you the best course of treatment quickly. Pure Path Wellness is here to be your partner on the most important path of all — the path to your recovery.