Daniel Regan


Waking up for a few sober minutes, face wet, embedded on a dirt ridden floor, in this abandoned motel in the middle of palm springs…I was crying in my sleep.  I needed to run from myself, instead I reached for another needle….internal combustible self-hatred. If I remained sober for too many minutes I would have to realize where I was and what I had become.

Daniel's story, like many others, begins with a young boy transformed to a challenged, confused teenager to an uncontrollable, doomed drug addict. After 7 treatment centers, several in-patient centers, and years of an uphill battle with addiction, Daniel found light at the end of the tunnel. Since March 2012, Daniel has been living and breathing recovery. Everyday is not a struggle, everyday is a chance to make up for time lost, relationship that need mending, and experiences to be had. Through his journey, he discovered the gaps in the system and realized a need for diverse programs of extended aftercare. In fall of 2012, Daniel founded CFC Loud N Clear Foundation, an aftercare recovery community located in New Jersey. CFC caters to over 5,000 families in New Jersey. Daniel is a Certified Interventionist, currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University, Certified SMART Recovery Facilitator, Certified CCAR Recovery Coach, and much more. He offers his skills and experiences through Pure Path Wellness to families in need of an intervention.

Daniel has a 100% success rate of conducting successful interventions and has put over 400 people a year into treatment since the formation of CFC Loud N Clear Foundation and the collaboration with Pure Path Wellness. 

More about CFC Loud N Clear Foundation & Daniel's Story can be found at www.HealingUs.org